Dangerous Goods

Shipping of hazardous materials needs a very high awareness of responsibility. By realizing this fact, we decided in 2000 to open up the Panatlantic Logistics International GmbH. The Panatlantic is a 100%-owned daughter of Interfracht Holding in Bremen. We offer you transports of dangerous goods including class 1 (ADR) by using special vehicles and trained employees.

Shipping dangerous goods safely!

If road, sea or air we get it there. We find the best solution incl. documentation and by monitoring all regulation. Frequent checks of our partners to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and laws and making sure that only skilled drivers are hired is highest priority.

We satisfy all the general requirements of the applicable dangerous goods regulations (ADR). We have been issued with a permit under section 7 of the German Explosive Materials Law and the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) has evaluated us so that we are additionally licensed to transport all goods in the Dangerous Goods Class 1, as well as goods that are controlled by the German Weapons Control Act.

Over 100,000 sq ft of warehousing space throughout Germany licensed for the purpose of storage Class 1 dangerous goods, whereby the majority of this space is located at our center in Stuhr.

More Info, check our website: www.panatlantic.de